1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

Clearly, the finest concours / museum quality restoration of its kind. This Premiere Convertible is equipped with EVERY factory option offered on this one year only model.  Restoration has been taken to the highest level of refinement to conform to the smallest of factory detailing and existing standards for Concours showing and quality.

Requiring more than six years in restoration, the vehicle received a full disassembly, to the core, and then rebuilt to factory specifications for authenticity, including color and finish. Every item, regardless if mechanical or cosmetic, has been restored to perfection or with N.O.S. parts re-finished to new.  Nothing has gone un-noticed. From new braiding of the engine wiring harness and all electrical wiring, down to the powder coating of the seat springs.

Mechanical restoration included EVERY SYSTEM OF THE VEHICLE. This Premiere Convertible is Virtually NEW.

Finished in Factory correct Wisteria paint with matching Custom Leather Interior. The "Data Plate" for this car shows the Wisteria color combination. An original California vehicle purchased in Modesto, California, it now resides only 10 miles from the original purchase site. Now fitted with  California " Gold & Black," year of manufacture plates the, car sports only "35" miles on the odometer since restoration.

Being one of the finest restorations of a 1950's collectible automobile, the Lincoln should consistently grow in value and esteem.  

The 1956 Lincoln was the First Automobile EVER to receive an award from the Chicago based INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS INSTITUTE.

Automobile collectors, worldwide, appreciate a restoration that exemplifies the elegance of the era of manufacture, while preserving the quality of engineering for decades to come.

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Perhaps the only 1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible in existence today, with Every Accessory and Option offered by the factory, during this one year only production. Almost all items are New Old Stock (N.O.S.) and then tested and restored to Concourse Show Condition.

The 1956 Premiere series had been produced with the following standard Power Assist items:

  •  Power Steering
  •  Power Brakes
  •  Power Windows
  •  4 Way Power Seat

1956 Options & Accessories

All of these optional accessory items are Rare and most difficult to locate. This vehicle boasts "every" option ( New Old Stock where noted) that required decades to locate. Every accessory item is backed with Lincoln literature and/or actual packaging or photo documentation.

  • Spotlights: Custom Spotlights with Integral Mirror - Right & Left - N.O.S.
  • Road Lamps - N.O.S.
  • Push Button Lubrication (Power Lube) - N.O.S.
  • Autronic Eye (automatic headlight dimmer - unique dimmer on the 1956 model) - N.O.S.
  • Auxiliary Starter (Auto Start) - N.O.S.
  • Traffic Lamp Reflector (traffic light viewer) - N.O.S.
  • Tissue Dispenser - N.O.S.
  • Compass - N.O.S.
  • Engine Compartment Light - N.O.S.
  • Vanity Mirror - Passenger Side - N.O.S.
  • Gasoline Tank Locking Cap - N.O.S.
  • License Plate Frames - Front & Rear -N.O.S.
  • Travel Tuner Radio (rebuilt to original specs) with N.O.S. Foot Switch
  • Dual-control Heater
  • Power Antenna with N.O.S. outside mounting hardware
  • Seat Belts - Front - N.O.S.
  • Front Floor Mats - New Reproduction
  • Rear Floor Mats - New Reproduction
  • Door Edge Guard - N.O.S. (Polished & in factory packaging). This item has not been installed.
  • Curb Signals (curb feelers - Very Rare) N.O.S. Not installed but in factory box.
  • Spotlight - Utility - Very Rare Option - Hand Held - Restored.
  • Windshield Wiper/Washer- N.O.S. -with N.O.S. Trico Wiper Blades